Fudgy Brownies | The Basics

Fudgy Brownies | The Basics | The Gray Boxwood

A delicious fudgy chocolate brownie with chewy edges is something that we all aspire to bake (right?!). Sadly, brownies can be hard to bake perfectly. The chocolate sometimes is barely noticeable and they’re easy to over bake, causing them to be chalky, dry and boring. Too many people think the way to get a great brownie is to buy it in a box! I have a great recipe that amps up the chocolate flavor and when baked just right, makes the brownies come out fudgy and perfect. Only taking a few minutes to stir together, they make a box seem tasteless and pointless.

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Pea Hummus

Pea Hummus | The Gray Boxwood

I love snacking! I constantly have the “munchies” and am always looking for small things to eat that have that satisfactory crunch. Vegetables usually do the trick, but – and I think I can speak for many – I want to dip them in something! This is why I’m always coming up with different dips and spreads to use with my snacks or meals. I love to blend different flavors and create a really healthy spread. I know what goes into them and can control the fat content. Thankfully, making them healthy does nothing with the flavor because this pea hummus is simply delicious! Simple and fresh, it is perfect for spring and can be served with crackers, veggies or tossed with pasta as a pesto would be!

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Simple Fruit Tart

Simple Fruit Tart | The Gray Boxwood

Some desserts look great but don’t taste that delicious. Others don’t really look like anything special but taste amazing. This one is both beautiful and delicious. And to make it even better, it’s actually super easy! Even though it’s meant to emulate one, this isn’t a true French tart. To start, the dough is just my simple pie dough rolled into a tart shell and pre-baked. The filling is a simple pastry cream (really a vanilla pudding) and the fruit on top speaks for itself. Simple ingredients put together create a showstopping Easter dessert!

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Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread | The Gray Boxwood

Holidays are a time for us to shine by showing the best of our love through cooking, baking and inviting loved ones over. They’re the perfect chance to entertain and open our home, bring out the better china, actually set the table and enjoy a day of fellowship and making memories. I’m usually one who goes all out (yes, sometimes on any day), but especially on holidays. Once in a while, even I like to take a shortcut, though.

This monkey bread stirs up so many memories as it’s something my family – still to this day – has every Easter morning. I don’t know how it got started, but it is a tradition I love. Made completely out of pre-bought, time saving ingredients, but not falling short on flavor or presentation, this is an absolutely delectable breakfast treat. Not for just any day, but for those special occasions, it is super helpful when you are busy preparing for a large meal. Throw this together the night before, let sit at room temperature overnight and when you wake up, breakfast is ready to bake! You’ll be the star!

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