How to Can Pickled Beets

How to Can Pickled Beets | The Gray Boxwood

Canning season has had a slower start than other years here at The Farm. Cooler temps and a decent amount of rain has extended the season and had crops ripening later than usual. This is just fine with me as there is always plenty to do!

For me, the first thing of the season to get canned are the dark red beets. While many people turn their noses at these vegetables, they are becoming quite an en vogue trend in the food world. Praised for their nutritious qualities, they are simply outstanding pickled. Gourmet jars at farmers’ markets and fine grocers are delicious, but can add up. So why not pickle your own? Very easy and simply perfect, these are great on any relish tray or added to your favorite salad!

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Rhubarb Butter

Rhubarb Butter | The Gray Boxwood

Jams, jellies and butters are all delicious spreads made with fresh fruits. A butter is a completely smooth spread using equal parts sugar and fruit. When cooked down, it almost becomes the spreadable consistency of softened butter. Rhubarb butter is perfect all summer long, and with a hint of orange, it marries perfectly with fall and winter flavors as well. Even though it involves canning, this recipe is easy and quick. Have no fear and try this one out for yourself!

This post is a collaboration with our good friend Entertaining with Beth. Make sure to watch her video for the perfect homemade bread to pair with this rhubarb butter!

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Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

Oatmeal Coconut Cookies | The Gray Boxwood

A cookies’ texture and color can be largely determined by whether vegetable shortening or butter is used as the base. I love both types of cookies, but always forget how perfect a shortening cookies can be: lightly crisp on the edges and perfect coloring. These cookies are simply flavored and delicious straight from the oven or from the freezer! (I do love a frozen cookie on a hot day!)

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Marshmallow Creme Ice Cream

Marshmallow Creme Ice Cream | The Gray Boxwood

Sometimes vanilla ice cream just isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong – vanilla is great, especially homemade, but when I want something a little different I reach for…..marshmallow creme. Yes, the fluffy white confection that many keep on hand only for Christmas fudge. Whipped into ice cream, marshmallow creme becomes ribbons of sweet cream, flavoring the ice cream just enough. It can be enjoyed in place of vanilla or stand on its own as a delicious dessert.

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