A Living Flower Arrangement

A Living Flower Arrangement | The Gray Boxwood

I am always so excited to start spring work! Living in Iowa means winter is long and cold, this year’s polar vortex being no exception. Nothing drowns the winter blues like flowers. The colors just give my heart a calming warmth when I can see them by the back door from my kitchen window.

Pansies are the earliest flower we can plant as they are fairly cold-hardy and I chose to make a a gorgeous and simple living flower arrangement with some this year. The arrangements can be brought in over Easter and dressed up with moss and eggs or kept outside all season long. And with Earth Day coming up on April 22, this would be a perfect arrangement to get outdoors and celebrate nature!

Outdoors and indoors, this is nature at its best!

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Farmhouse Easter

Farmhouse Easter | The Gray Boxwood

Easter is fast approaching and my home has been prepared for the holiday for some time now. I was ready for some spring decor long ago during this especially hard winter. Here’s a sampling of items I enjoy using around my house during the Easter season. I like to utilize my collections of vintage Easter items and various other antique finds in new and inventive ways.

My table is set with some beautiful antique Heinrich china. It’s beautifully simple and with a gold ring, it screams springtime.For a centerpiece, I am using chocolate rabbits set in faux grass on an enamel tray with various eggs scattered about. No Easter table is complete without a few fresh flowers. I placed some tulips in vintage glass flowers pots. It’s the perfect mix of spring color with the table.

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Lemon Meringue Filo Nest

Lemon Meringue Filo Nest | The Gray Boxwood

Easter is the time to enjoy fresh flavors and colors. This dessert incorporates both in a festive and deliciously cute presentation. The steps may look complicated, but you’ll find out this is a simple and fun dessert to make. And as a bonus, it looks like you are a pro! Your Easter guests are sure to enjoy this new take on lemon meringue.

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Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Vegetables | The Gray Boxwood

Pickles have always been a part of my life. Growing up, I learned all the staples. Bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, and pickled peppers and beets were always canned during the summer. I grew a love for the smell of brine and all the different flavors. I love to experiment with pickle brines by changing up the spices.

Thankfully the food world has embraced the pickling trend and everyone seems to be doing “quick pickles,” ones that can be made, set in a fridge and eaten soon after. You can adapt this recipe to include whatever vegetables you love. Choosing denser root ones will help them stay crisp in the brine. Try it out, experiment and hopefully you will also develop a deep love for everything pickled!

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