Peach Chutney

Peach Chutney | The Gray Boxwood

Chutneys are extremely versatile. They can bring grilled meets to a whole new level or add an interesting touch to a meat and cheese tray appetizer. While boughten chutneys can be “ok,” a homemade and canned version is extra delicious and can be used as the perfect gift for friends! This chutney uses one of the season’s most sumptuous fruit and pairs it with a delicious blend of Caribbean inspired spices to give an out of this world flavor that you will want time and again!

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Peach & Blackberry Pie

Peach & Blackberry Pie | The Gray Boxwood

Nothing is more summer than a pie. With summer coming to a fast close I had to squeeze in one of my favorite desserts. A pie is perfect anytime of the year, and for me, it evokes homemade nostalgia at its best. This one is chilled and is simply perfect for those warm days!

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How to Can Peaches

How to Can Peaches | The Gray Boxwood

Canned fruit is an iconic memory of my childhood. I grew up with a mom who canned apples, peaches, pears and sweet cherries (to name just a few). Having home-canned fruit now seems luxurious (or just a lot of work) to many people. But honestly, for a few quarts, it can be done in under an hour! Home-canned fruit is completely different and tastes much fresher than any store bought can. Once you try these peaches, you will forget about ever buying them again.

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Peanut Butter Rollups

Peanut Butter Rollups | The Gray Boxwood

School is starting and our lives are becoming a bit busier again. There are so many appointments and activities that it can sometimes be hard to find time to make homemade baked goods. This is why I love to find recipes that freeze well and keep for a long time. This way, I can pull them out and use them when needed.

A peanut butter and chocolate combination is always a winner. With a beautiful chocolate swirl, these cookies will become your family’s new favorite for school lunches or anytime snacks. Keep these in the freezer and use them throughout the month, although they may not last that long!

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