Organization Made Easy

Organization Made Easy | The Gray Boxwood

The winter months in Iowa, which, thankfully we see the end of, can get long! The last couple of winters have seen below zero wind chills and many, many storms. Personally, I do enjoy winter; being forced to stay indoors can be a reprieve after all the spring, summer and fall work on The Farm. But even I can go stir crazy and love to find projects that I never seem to get done during the months I am working outside! I find I don’t always have time for the intense spring cleaning I want to do, so I start it earlier and finish many organizing projects as the wind howls.

Organizing is a passion of mine. And while I may come off as over-the-top, I find that having a place for everything with correct labels and storage makes a home so much more enjoyable. When you know where things are kept, it is easier to use what you have and so much simpler to start and finish home improvement projects.

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Butterscotch Pudding

Butterscotch Pudding | The Gray Boxwood

If I haven’t said it before, let me make something clear: I love pudding. No, not that store bought imposter type that comes in a box and you just add water. I know that is what most of us are used to, but once you try homemade you will realize that store bought has no flavor and worse, it has a weird artificial aftertaste. Homemade pudding is smooth, creamy and utterly delicious. Honestly it is the ultimate comfort food.

A few week ago, I showed you my basic chocolate pudding, which is something I made all the time growing up. But this butterscotch is something special. It take a little more work (yes, you have to melt sugar – easier than it sounds), but the flavor of homemade (I can’t use this word enough) butterscotch is unparalleled, trust me. Enough said!

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Vegetarian Chili | The Basics

Vegetarian Chili | The Basics | The Gray Boxwood

Basic chili is a tall order because there are hardly two chili recipes alike. Some people use chocolate, beer, or even coffee to flavor their soup. We’ve all grown up thinking of “chili” in a certain way. And whether you like it or have ill memories of the soup, it is one that I have found to be a basic. A cozy warm bowl of chili during these cold winter evenings (especially here in Iowa) warms not just the body, but I think the soul as well.

It’s hard to say what a true and basic chili is, but this one lets the real natural flavors come through, from a quick, homemade chili powder to dried beans that give so much texture. I hope this chili helps you forget about those mushy and drab chilis you may be used to. Simple and fresh ingredients give way to a basic and delicious soup that you’ll love!

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Cheese & Jalapeño Cornbread

Cheese & Jalapeño Cornbread | The Gray Boxwood

Cornbread is one of those dishes people either grew up with or not. Thankfully, I’m with the former – I loved cornbread growing up. Of course with the iconic chili, there is nothing better. But cornbread can be a perfect quick side for numerous dishes. With simple ingredients, I love how quick it goes together. And you can mix it up with some fun additives or leave it plain (leftovers make awesome cornbread stuffing). I think after you make this, it will soon become a staple for you as well.

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