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    Curtido Relish

    January 20, 2017

    Curtido Relish | The Gray Boxwood

    Usually you’ll find me baking and professing my love of all things sweet. I’ll admit it: I do have a sweet tooth. Whether I have a sub conscience feeling of needing balance or the fact that I had a mom and grandma who love pickled items, it turns out that I have a huge soft spot for anything fermented. Fermentation is a method of preserving food, using what is abundant at that time of the years with the idea of saving it for use during other months. I usually do these things in the summer, but certain relishes and krauts can be fermented year round. And that’s good for me because I eat so much of them! I used to buy my curtido, but soon found that for the amount I eat (and craved!) I needed to develop my own recipe. Thankfully, it’s simple and a perfect gateway to fermentation for those who haven’t tried the art!

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