Three Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Three Holiday Centerpiece Ideas | The Gray Boxwood

Centerpieces can be a headache for many people. Honestly, a centerpiece is important: during the holidays, it can make a table special and festive and create a real memory. I always say you don’t have to have flowers or spend a large amount. Using extra decor from around your home down the center of your table can create all the impact you need. I put together three options to inspire you and get your mind rolling as to what you can have on hand to create a gorgeous table for your holiday gatherings. Using different themes with the decor I have sitting around my home, I was able to give a festive feel with no money needed. Be inspired to do the same, creating a little holiday magic of your own!

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Sponge Candy

Sponge Candy | The Gray Boxwood

This is an odd, weird and even unusual – but oh so delicious – old-time candy. The sound and look of it may scare you away, but once you try this I think you will be hooked. This candy isn’t overly sweet, but has a unique flavor that is so addicting. I hope you will try this and make it a Christmas staple like it has become for my family.

As with all candy making, have all the ingredients ready and the pan prepared before you begin as the process can be fast towards the end and having everything ready makes for a smooth outcome!

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Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies | The Gray Boxwood

This is such a unique cookie, which makes them one of my favorites. Don’t be afraid of the odd ingredient of a maraschino cherry – the flavors come together in a seasonally classic way that you will be sure to love! I love to take these to cookie swaps and gatherings because no one else will make them, but everyone will want the recipe!

This recipe originally appeared here, but it was just so good, we had to reshare this year with a video!

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Three Decadent Truffles

Three Decadent Truffles | The Gray Boxwood

Truffles are always a special treat. I think we all gravitate to the cases in chocolate stores with open mouths, eyeing those amazing truffle flavors. I love picking out decadent truffles and giving them as a hosting or house warming gift and especially love giving them around the holidays.

Truffles have a little secret – one that the beautiful shops don’t want you to realize: they are super easy to make! They come in so many different varieties and although these aren’t all “traditional,” they are my favorite forms of truffles. By making your own, you can customize them and have them turn out exactly as you want. And you don’t have to worry about eating them all and running out….just make more!

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