Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread | The Gray Boxwood

Holidays are a time for us to shine by showing the best of our love through cooking, baking and inviting loved ones over. They’re the perfect chance to entertain and open our home, bring out the better china, actually set the table and enjoy a day of fellowship and making memories. I’m usually one who goes all out (yes, sometimes on any day), but especially on holidays. Once in a while, even I like to take a shortcut, though.

This monkey bread stirs up so many memories as it’s something my family – still to this day – has every Easter morning. I don’t know how it got started, but it is a tradition I love. Made completely out of pre-bought, time saving ingredients, but not falling short on flavor or presentation, this is an absolutely delectable breakfast treat. Not for just any day, but for those special occasions, it is super helpful when you are busy preparing for a large meal. Throw this together the night before, let sit at room temperature overnight and when you wake up, breakfast is ready to bake! You’ll be the star!

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Chipotle Pickled Cauliflower


Did you know you can pickle almost anything?! I’m amazed and inspired by the current pickle craze that is going on; chefs and home cooks are realizing the amazing qualities of pickling. A pickled dish can be the perfect topping on a salad or an essential accompaniment to many meals. When I’m getting together with friends, I’m always the first to offer to bring a relish tray and I always include an assortment of the pickled items I have on hand. If your memories of pickles are the ones your grandma used to can and store away, it’s time to broaden your horizons!

Pickles can be made quickly and do not have to be canned (although I do can many types). You can prepare a quick pickle and place it in the fridge for a few days and then enjoy it a delish treat, such as this cauliflower. I love using cauliflower as it retains its amazing crisp crunch and has a great texture. Mixed with this smoky adobo pickling juice, you’re going to love this simple treat, just in time for spring!

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Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookies | The Gray Boxwood

I am always testing and changing flavors because I absolutely love to think about how something tastes and how it can be better. What flavors work together, the memories they evoke and unique ways they can be used fascinates me. Cookies are not rocket science, but baking in general does take a little scientific touch. These are the first cookies I’ve truly developed, sifting through and pulling inspiration for recipes I love. They also happen to encompass two specific flavors I love: brown butter and butterscotch!

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Beer Bread

Beer Bread | The Gray Boxwood

Sometimes I find myself in the mood for bread to go with a meal or as a snack, but don’t have time to make it. Now, let’s get something straight: nothing compares to a yeasted homemade bread. Risen, punched down, shaped into loaves then risen again for an amazing texture and flavor. While amazing and incomparable, it does take hours to make. So this quick bread, utilizing beer as a leavening agent, is perfect when you want bread in under an hour! I also love how this bread can be varied and have additions to create whatever flavor you’re craving.

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